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  Todd Porter - Class of 2013
Porter 2011
45Todd Porter2010-12
27Christian Curtis2017-18
25Camden Bauer2013-14
25Christian Perez2015-16
17Clint Kasten1984-86
16Jon Wicinski2000-02
14Jason Smith1998-99
14Mike Feist1970-71
12Adam Blankenship1995
11John Betten 2009
22Todd Porter2012
18Camden Bauer2013
18Christian Perez2016
15Christian Curtis2017
14Todd Porter2011
12Adam Blankenship1995
12Christian Curtis2018
11Todd Porter2010
11John Betten2009
10Clint Kasten1986
10Bill Gamble1969
5Todd Porter2012 vs Alton
5Camden Bauer2013 vs Belleville West
4Camden Bauer2013 vs Granite City
4Christian Perez2016 vs Alton
4Christian Curtis2017 vs Belleville East
4Christian Curtis2017 vs Granite City
4Christian Curtis2018 vs Howell Central
4John Betten2009 vs Granite City
4Rick Jones 1973 vs Triad

  Todd Porter
Porter 2011
532Todd Porter2010-12
419Camden Bauer2013-14
364Christian Perez2015-16
306Christian Curtis2017-18
264Clint Kasten1984-86
342Todd Porter2012
310Camden Bauer2013
234Christian Perez2016
218John Betten2009
177Todd Porter2010
174Todd Porter2011
173Christian Curtis2017
155Sonnie Rollins2008
133Christian Curtis2018
53Camden Bauer2013 vs Belleville West
50Todd Porter2012 vs Belleville West
49Todd Porter2012 vs LaGrange Lyons
47Todd Porter2012 vs Edwardsville
44Todd Porter2012 vs East St. Louis
44John Betten2009 vs East St. Louis Quarterfinals
* 40 or more

  Todd Porter
Porter 2011
319Todd Porter2010-12
239Camden Bauer2013-14
162Christian Perez2015-16
149Christian Curtis2017-18
119Clint Kasten1984-86
107John Betten2009
84Mike Feist1970-71
209Todd Porter2012
184Camden Bauer2013
114Christian Perez2016
110Todd Porter2011
107John Betten2009
82Todd Porter2010
78Christian Curtis2017
77Sonnie Rollins 2008
71Christian Curtis2018
61Adam Blankenship1995
56Clint Kasten1985
55Clint Kasten1986
55Camden Bauer2014
51Cory Alexander1994
33Camden Bauer2013 vs Belleville West
31Todd Porter2012 vs Belleville West
30Todd Porter2012 vs LaGrange Lyons
26Todd Porter2012 vs Edwardsville
25Todd Porter2012 vs Homewood
23Todd Porter2012 vs East St. Louis
23Todd Porter2012 vs Belleville East
21John Betten2009 vs East St. Louis Quarterfinals (21-44)
20Todd Porter2011 vs St. Rita Quarterfinals (20-27)
17Christian Curtis2017 vs Belleville West
16Christian Curtis2018 vs Howell Central
* 15 or more

  Adam Blankenship - Class of 1996
Porter 2011
0.610Todd Porter2010-12
0.590Adam Blankenship1994-95
* Percent is rounded up
0.630Todd Porter2011
0.610Adam Blankenship1995
*Percent is rounded up

  Todd Porter
Porter 2011
6281Todd Porter2010-12
2824Camden Bauer2013-14
2460Christian Curtis2017-18
2270Christian Perez2015-16
1589Jon Wicinski2000-02
1586John Betten2009
1573Clint Kasten1984-86
1568Jason Smith1997-99
1354Mike Feist1970-71
1322Lee Geyer2006-07
3009Todd Porter2012
2079Camden Bauer2013
1823Todd Porter2011
1781Christian Perez2016
1586John Betten2009
1456Todd Porter2010
1277Christian Curtis2017
1183Christian Curtis2018
1122Sonnie Rollins2008
987Bill Gamble1969
962Adam Blankenship1995
898Jason Smith1999
854Mike Feist1970
561Camden Bauer2013 vs Belleville West
405Todd Porter2012 vs Homewood
402Todd Porter2012 vs Alton
382Todd Porter2012 vs Lyons
367Todd Porter2012 vs Edwardsville
353Todd Porter2012 vs Belleville West
337Camden Bauer2013 vs Granite City
333Camden Bauer2014 vs Belleville West
311Camden Bauer2013 vs Loyola Academy
310Christian Curtis2017 vs Belleville East
295Christian Perez2016 vs Alton
278John Betten2009 vs Granite City
275Sonnie Rollins2008 vs Edwardsville
255Todd Porter2012 vs East St. Louis
253Todd Porter2011 vs Edwardsville
251John Betten2009 vs East St. Louis Quarterfinals
250Christian Perez2016 vs Loyola Academy
249Christian Curtis2018 vs Howell Central
248Todd Porter2010 vs Belleville East Playoffs
237Todd Porter2011 vs Belleville East
234Christian Curtis2017 vs Granite City

  Darius Mosely - Class of 2012
Mosely 2011
16Ronnie Anthony2015-17
15Darius Mosely2010-12
12Taemon Franklin 2012-13
12Anthony McClellan1997-99
12Kevin Kombrink1969-70
10Aaron Stone1994-95
10Marty Poepping1968-69
10Pat Riley2012-13
10Aaron Stone1995
10Darius Mosely2012
9Taemon Franklin2013
8Kevin Kombrink1970
8Ronnie Anthony2017
7Chris Smith2018
7Anthony McClellan1999
6Darryl Cobb2016
5Ronnie Anthony2016
5Dakota Curlee2007
5Darnell Dancy2001
5Darius Mosely 2011
3Kevin Kombrink 1969 vs Mater Dei
3Darius Mosely2012 vs Homewood
3Pat Riley2013 vs Granite City
3Darryl Cobb2016 vs Alton
3Ronnie Anthony2017 vs Belleville East

  Darius Mosely - Class of 2012
Mosely 2011
112Darius Mosely2011-12
83Klayton Gettis2012-14
75Taemon Franklin2012-13
74Pat Riley2012-13
73Ronnie Anthony2015-17
67Craig Bridell1984-86
65Kentrail Moran2012-15
58DeRon Flood2008-09
52Aaron Stone1994-95
49Dionte Sullivan2008-09
48Anthony McClellan1997-99
46Marty Poepping1968-69
69Darius Mosely2012
52Klayton Gettis2013
48Greg Gibson2012
47Pat Riley2013
44Taemon Franklin2013
38DeRon Flood2009
36Aaron Stone1995
36Ronnie Anthony2016
35Craig Bridell1986
33Daruis Mosely2011
32Mark Warack1982
32Kevin Kombrink1970
17Pat Riley2013 vs Granite City
13Klayton Gettis2013 vs Belleville West
10Taemon Franklin2013 vs Belleville West
10DeRon Flood2009 vs East St. Louis Quarterfinals
10Greg Gibson 2012 vs LaGrange Lyons
10Darius Mosely2012 vs Edwardsville
10Darius Mosely2012 vs. Collinsville
9Tae'Mon Franklin2012 vs Belleville West
9Darius Mosely2012 vs Belleville West
9Darius Mosely2012 vs Homewood
8Greg Gibson 2012 vs Alton
8Klayton Gettis2012 vs Collinsville
8Greg Gibson2012 vs Belleville East
8Darius Mosely2012 vs Belleville East
8Darius Mosely2012 vs LaGrange Lyons
8Mark Warack1982 vs Bethalto
8Ronnie Anthony2016 vs Loyola Academy
* 8 or more

  Darius Mosely - Class of 2012
Mosely 2011
1791Darius Mosely2011-12
1198Ronnie Anthony2015-17
1176Taemon Franklin2012-13
1016Aaron Stone1994-95
1008Klayton Gettis2012-14
925Pat Riley2012-13
893Craig Bridell1984-86
876Marty Poepping1968-69
864Anthony McClellan1997-99
1126Darius Mosely2012
711Taemon Franklin2013
704Aaron Stone1995
672Kevin Kombrink1970
665Darius Mosley2011
609Ronnie Anthony2016
562Klayton Gettis2013
526Anthony McClellan1999
524Mark Warack1982
520Patrick Riley2013
515Ralph Holmes1996
514Marty Poepping 1969
477Craig Bridell1986
461Dionte Sullivan2009
457Antuan McClenton2011
437Ron Gilliam1980
420Troy Wagner2004
212Taemon Franklin2013 vs Belleville West
191Pat Riley2013 vs Granite City
172Darius Mosely2012 vs Belleville West
170Darius Mosely2012 vs Homewood
169Klayton Gettis2013 vs Belleville West
156Dionte Sullivan2009 vs Granite City
151Darius Mosely2012 vs Alton
150Klayton Gettis2012 vs Edwardsville
* 150 or more

  Duane Bennett - Class of 2007
Bennett 2006
Caught 1/Threw 1
90Troy Robinson From Matt Fleming1980 vs Roxana
88Duane Bennett From Lee Geyer2006 vs Collinsville
86Ejay Johnson From Todd Porter2010 vs East St. Louis
85Steve Groves From Clint Kasten1984 vs Carbondale
85Patrick Berry to Nic Brady2014 vs Granite City
83Ronnie Anthony from Christian Perez2016 vs Alton
82Ronnie Anthony from Christian Curtis2017 vs Granite City
81Taemon Franklin From Camden Bauer2013 vs Loyola Academy
80Taemon Franklin From Camden Bauer2013 vs Belleville West
80Darius Mosely from Todd Porter2012 vs Alton
80Chris Smith from Christian Curtis2018 vs Belleville West
80Jay Harwell From Jon Wicinski2002 vs Pekin
80Barry Smith From Jay Vaughn1980 vs Granite City South
80Ron Gilliam From Jay Vaughn1980 vs Bethalto
79Darius Mosely From Todd Porter2011 vs Edwardsville Playoffs
75Antuan McClenton From Todd Porter2011 vs Moline
75Gary Kombrink From Larry Goodman1971 vs Jerseyville
75Anthony McClellan From Jason Smith1999 vs Mt. Vernon
74Tim Kernan From Mike Vaughn1977 vs Jerseyville
74Dan Stanton From Dan Montgomery1991 vs Highland
73Antuan McClenton From Todd Porter2011 vs Alton
73Damon Bennett From Duane Bennett2005 vs Belleville East
73Chris Allen From Jerry Lasco1984 vs Mt. Vernon
72Marty Poepping From Bill Gamble1969 vs Jerseyville
71Ralph Holmes From Tim Routh1996
71Deonta Woods from Christian Curtis2017 vs Belleville East
70Rick Murray From Dave Daniels1972 vs Bethalto
* 70 Yards or more